Friday, February 17, 2012

Single Mom of 3... by choice

I don't have time to blog... but wanted to link in to Kelly's Show Us Your Life today to find other single moms who don't have time to blog. :o)

I posted a day in our lives awhile back but so much has changed... for one thing, the addition of a new baby!! So let me start with an introduction and perhaps I'll have time later for an update on what our days look like now.

I am Prairie Rose... I'm a late 30s single mom to three children I'm adopting, who have now been in my care for one year (except the baby, who we got from birth). Puffins is 5, Doodle is 2, and Smiles is almost four months old -- unbelievable how quickly the time flies.

Since I'm single, I do work, but my schedule is pretty flexible and I'm able to be off by 2 pm to pick up Puffins from school, so I still get a good deal of stay-at-home time with the kids also.

Would love to see how other single moms handle things like one-on-one time with each child, doing things with the older child that the little ones can't do, etc. I feel like we do pretty well overall but finding the time and ability to do everything I wish I could with Puffins is my biggest weakness.