Sunday, July 1, 2007

With Liberty and Justice for All...

Happy July! I'm getting ready to take off for multiple celebrations, including a certain little girl's birthday party and of course Independence Day, so look forward to a blog entry relating all the fun details when I return.

But for now, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Fourth of July.

As for the subject line... Little Girl hurt her leg today (nothing serious), and a little while later, Grandma asked her how it was. She looked at it carefully, and then replied:

"It still hurts, but you can't see it now. It's indivisible."


Anonymous said...

MY 'Little Girl' insists on calling any marks on the skin received from kneeling on something or a hairband too tight around the wrist, or sleep marks, to be 'invitations' instead of temporary 'indentations'.

Everyday Housewife said...

Have a very special holiday and give 'Little Girl' birthday hugs from me.
I'm definitely looking forward to your next blog.