Thursday, April 10, 2008

If His Eye is on the Sparrow...

... then I have to wonder what on earth He's thinking about this robin on my deck.

I have an insane bird living in my yard. Several days ago, I kept hearing a bang outside -- every few seconds, I'd hear it again but it wasn't a consistent rhythm. I finally went to investigate but saw nothing unusual. I went back to getting ready for work, and within a minute, I started hearing the noise again. I checked again, but nothing. I began to walk back to the bathroom but then hesitated, just barely within sight of the kitchen window and the french doors in the dining room next to it, the area from which the sound was coming.

I stood quietly waiting and sure enough, about a minute later, the sound began again, only this time I could see what was causing it. An enormous robin was standing on my deck just outside my french doors, and kept flying halfway up and slamming into the glass. Again and again, he did this, until I walked toward the doors and he flew away. I opened the door, looking around to see what the attraction might be. No nest in sight anywhere. Nothing unusual at all.

And yet as soon as I left, he did it again. And again. And again. All morning long (at least until I left for work) this robin kept flying up and slamming into my door.

The next morning, I heard the familiar noise again. I kept trying to scare the bird off, but he just kept coming back for more. I have no idea why this bird wants in my house so badly, nor why he hasn't figured out after a hundred attempts that he can't get through that glass. At last in frustration, I got a blanket and managed to hang it inside the door, thinking that if it no longer looked clear, he would stop. He did, but made a couple more attempts first!!

So I left the blanket hanging there a couple days, and no longer did I hear this crazy banging on my door. I figured it might take a couple days for the bird to find a new occupation and break the habit he has apparently formed of slamming into my door.

Last night, I took the blanket down. As I write this post, I hear the consistent BANG! SLAM! FLUTTERBANG! CRASH! against my door again.

Are there any bird psychologists out there? WHY does this bird want so desperately to get in my house, and how can I make him stop!?!?!? He is driving me nuts!

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