Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little Shopaholic

On her 7th birthday, my sister said something to Little Girl about being seven.

"I don't want to be seven," she replied.

"You don't!?" my sister asked in surprise.

"I don't want to be seven," Little Girl repeated. "I want to be 18."

"Why?" my sister questioned.

"So I can order stuff," was the response.

Like mother, like daughter...

(She'd order stuff now if she had access to a credit card. Would you believe that last year, Little Girl went and asked my sister for her credit card? My sister was very surprised at such a request and went to see just WHAT she was up to. Little Girl was on the computer, on the Disney website, and had BOOKED THEM A DISNEY VACATION online -- all it needed was the credit card number to go through!!!)


Heidi said...

Holy cow! Thank goodness your sister went to look why she might need the credit card number! Wow, she is definitely resourceful. I wouldn't put something like that past Alyssa either! LOL Thanks for the heads up!

Lauri said...

I like this child! Good thing your sister didn't have an autofill option turned on her computer or you could be staying in the penthouse of the Grand Floridian.

Christine said...

That is completely hysterical and also a little bit scary!!!