Friday, December 9, 2011

Sixty Years.

Sixty years ago today, a young mother of three made a choice... a dreadful choice. She chose to take her own life.

To do that, she must surely have felt like nothing she did mattered... but this? This mattered. This still matters. The repercussions of her act are still impacting lives today, and not for good.

You see, the poison she drank only poisoned her physical body... but it didn't stop there. The poison of bitterness filled her little daughter, sickening her more and more as she grew.

The poison destroyed the relationship between this now-grown little girl and her own daughter, driving the latter to the same depression and anxiety that plagued her grandmother.

And now the poison is seeping into the relationship of the now-aged little girl and her little granddaughter. Time will tell its impact upon her life -- the great-granddaughter of the young woman who felt herself so unimportant that she thought the world could do without her.

Four generations of women poisoned over a period of sixty years by that one bottle of rat-killer.

It is SO time for this to stop.

If you think you're worthless and the world would be better off without you, please think again. Think of who you'll still be hurting sixty years from now.

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