Monday, September 17, 2007

The Fish Who Lived

My sister went to stay with a friend for a week while some electrical work was being done on her house. While there, one of the funniest incidents that I've heard in a long time occurred.

Her friend has a two-year-old who just loves watching the fish in the aquariums at Wal-Mart. So said friend decided to buy her son a goldfish. Tropical fish in an aquarium -- goldfish in a bowl. Big difference, and the child cared absolutely NOTHING about the goldfish.

The friend was getting very tired of caring for said goldfish that her son didn't even pay any attention to anyway. She had to clean the bowl every couple of days and it was seriously smelling up the place even so. So she decided to commit murder.

Simple task, right? She flushed the fish.

A few seconds later, my sister heard shrieks coming from the bathroom. She ran to see what was going on. Her friend screamed, "I flushed the fish and it swam back against the current! It won't go down!!" Sure enough, Mr. Fish was fighting his way against the whoosh trying to send him to his grave, and he made it.

My sister reached over and flushed the toilet again. The fish frantically tried to swim against the current but was unsuccessful. The toilet bowl refilled, and the fish was gone.

"But what if it comes back!?" her friend shrieked. "What if it comes back and jumps out of the toilet bowl!?"

"It won't," my sister assured her. "Look, it's gone. I'll flush it one more time for good measure." Flush.

A moment later, both girls began shrieking as when the tank refilled, up swam Mr. Fish again! The water settled, and Mr. Fish swam happily around the toilet bowl.

Her friend resigned herself to owning a fish that would not die, scooped him out of the toilet, and dumped him back in his fishbowl.

Now that is one unbelievable fish!

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Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Fishy have a lightning shaped scar on his forehead??