Thursday, September 13, 2007

Visiting Kindergarten

So after a full week of greens on her behavior chart, I told Little Girl that since she was being such a good girl, I would come to school and have lunch with her. She told me I can't do that. I said I certainly can. She seemed very speculative, and didn't display the excitement that I thought she would. I'm not sure she really understood what I was talking about, or realized I meant it.

So when I showed up at her school Monday just in time for lunch, I finally got the excitement I had expected earlier. A look of sheer joy crossed her face when she looked up and saw me and gasped my name, and she literally bounced her way through the cafeteria line. The cooks filled our trays and we sat down and ate. She introduced me to her classmates seated near her, and they were full of questions and interesting comments, as five-year-olds tend to be.

I also met Mrs. Glory, who immediately asked about our "Little House" trip, stating it as "very cool". I hope she thinks trips to Disney World are very cool too, seeing as how we haven't yet asked for permission to take Little Girl out of school for a week over the winter to go. :)

After lunch, I hugged Little Girl and told her goodbye. "Oh, no," she says, oh so seriously. "When your FAMILY is here, they are allowed to play on the playground with you." I'm still not sure whether that is true or not, but out I went, and we had a fabulous time going on an acorn hunt and talking about how little acorns grow up to be big oak trees.

Now I had asked Little Girl if she was still on green today, and she assured me that she was, but that afternoon when she went to Grandma's classroom, Grandma asked, "Did you have a green day today?"

"I don't want to talk about it," was the reply.

"Did you have a purple day?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," Little Girl reiterated.

"You didn't have a RED day, did you?" asked Grandma in shock.

"No," was Little Girl's informative response.

"Well, if you dont' want to talk about it, I guess I'll have to go down to your classroom and see what you got," Grandma told her.

At once Little Girl blurted out, "I got purple, but PLEASE don't tell my Mommy!"

She went on to say that she got in trouble for talking. "Who were you talking to?" Grandma wanted to know.

"Nobody," she says. "I was just talking to myself."

Only Little Girl. Oh, well, nobody's perfect. :)

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Everyday Housewife said...

What a good Aunt you are!
That made her day for a long time.
Too bad about the purple mark.
I hope the visit evened out the bad for her.
I wonder if the teacher is allowing the children enough speaking aloud time during school so they won't feel it necessary to talk out of turn?
I got into trouble for talking all through school.
This is a gift that should be utilized before it's muted.
Make sense?