Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's a Girl

I am reminded of Marilla's emphatic remark to Rachel Lynde, "Well, we're not getting a girl," only to have Matthew appear with a girl in tow...

Yes, I said I thought I was getting a boy, about 7-10, but as it turns out, God sent me a girl, age 5.

Meet Rebecca from Uganda. She likes to play house and play with dolls and jump rope. Sounds like a typical little girl. :o) And she's in school. At the proper age.

As I searched through the children of Uganda over the last few weeks, I noticed something -- a lot of the children were listed as having average performance in kindergarten, or in primary school, despite their ages being sometimes as old as 12 or 13. I'm assuming that those children never had the opportunity to go to school until recently becoming involved with Compassion, so they're having to start at the beginning despite their advanced age... how wonderful that they're able to go to school now, but if only they had been able to start at the right age... well, Rebecca is starting at the right age. :o)

Here is a picture of Rebecca, and I realize I've not posted pictures of my other children, so I will go ahead and post them all here...

Rebecca from Uganda, age 5

Marsabi from Mexico, age 5

Angie from Colombia, age 10

Staurin from Dominican Republic, age 16

The Uganda bloggers are currently on their way!! Check out this link to follow their progress as the week goes on...

I just wonder if Boomama will meet Rebecca.... :o)


Everyday Housewife said...

Your children are just precious.
You're such a special person.
I'm so glad to have someone like you for a friend.

mzzterry said...

i am an ice cream addict and your comment on boo mama site was totally convicting to me. thanks for sharing your heart & touching mine.