Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Spring

I intended to post a "Happy Easter" entry, but it just sneaked up so fast this year!! And it didn't feel terribly Eastery, because there was just no evidence of spring in the air yet. It looks like spring is finally starting to approach, so I'll post about Easter now.

Easter and spring signify new life... another chance to start fresh. Very timely for me, as just days before Easter, I officially began a new life of sorts.

I love all the pictures of the resurrection that God paints for us in nature. Baby birds hatching from their eggs to say, "He is alive and so are we!" and leaving those empty eggshells behind them like that empty tomb. Flowers and trees blooming represent to me the beautiful new lives we have in Christ after a dead dark winter of the soul. Spring offers hope after a season of death and despair, and the resurrection offers hope and abundant life as well.

Update on the wee ones: I saw Little Girl and Baby Boy for Easter, both as cute as they can be. We went to see the Easter Bunny, and thankfully, Baby Boy didn't cry, although he intently watched all the other crying babies. :o) Baby Boy is making a few sounds but still not really talking much, but he's so bright and understands so well that I'm not too concerned yet. He signs, though, and it's so cute. He has about 20 signs he uses consistently.

Little Girl is reading. I gave her an "Early Readers' Bible" for Easter, not sure if she'd be able to read it as it was a harder level than I expected it to be given its title, but she plowed through it and with only a little help on the biggest words was able to read me a whole story. She likes to write far better than she likes to read, and she also loves to draw, so she is constantly busying herself with drawing pictures and writing stories. She adores Baby Boy and he thinks pretty highly of her too. They are so cute playing together. :o)

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter, and is ready for spring! I know I am!

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