Thursday, June 5, 2008

"A time to mourn and a time to dance."

A time to mourn: The deer mentioned in my last post? It died.

A time to dance:

So a year ago, I said Little Girl was in her first and last dance recital. (See post here.) Shortly afterward, I commented on the lovely job done by the little girls at our church who have access to a Christian dance studio here, and mourned the fact that there was no such thing for Little Girl where she lives.

God heard, and He answered! Late last summer, my sister saw a poster on the bulletin board at church about a Christian dance studio opening up in the area, and she signed Little Girl up for ballet. Just before Christmas, an "open house" of sorts was held, where families could go in during class and take pictures and/or video. I went then and was so pleased at what I saw. They were learning the fundamentals of ballet, as I'm sure goes on at any beginning ballet class, but they finished off with a dance using different colored streamers, each color representing some aspect of the gospel story. The dance instructor reviewed the meanings with the girls as she gave each one their streamer, and they knew them all! She prayed with the girls too before dismissing class.

So I was looking forward to seeing how different this year's recital would be from last year's fiasco, and I was not disappointed. The little girls actually looked like little girls, dressed in beautiful ballet dresses, no makeup. Oh, and no curly hair to fight through this year either, though it did have to be pulled back. There wasn't a Jon Benet in the group, they all looked like happy healthy normal little girls. And the song they danced to? It was about God's light shining in them. Much much better. Once again, Little Girl knows every word to the song, but this year, we don't mind a bit.

So praise God for Christian dancers! I just love how God can use any talent for His glory.

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Heidi said...

Wow, I must have missed this post, but that picture!!!! That's horrible. They do look like made-up Jon Benets. Ugh. Fortunately Alyssa's had a much better experience and this year is even better than last, as the studio seems to be more "professional". As for make-up, they leave that to the parents discression. Of course, Alyssa was thrilled when I let her put on a little light lipstick and a little blush, but that was it for her pictures. Hair was required to be in a bun and out of the face, so no curls. :) This Saturday is her recital so we'll see how all the other groups look (and dance) as well.

At any rate, I doubt we'll be going back next year only because Alyssa seems to be more of an athlete than a dancer and getting her ready for ballet each week wasn't fun.