Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Day of First Grade

Little Girl is now a big first-grader. Somehow first grade is harder for me to believe than kindergarten was. It seems so old. She seems so big and grown-up. What happened to that teeny little five and a half pound baby that was born such a short time ago?

First grade was apparently uneventful. She said she liked it. She couldn't tell me, though, what she liked. Everything I asked was, "I don't remember." She doesn't remember who is in her class. She doesn't remember if they played any games. She does remember that the teacher read a story, but she doesn't remember what it was about.

So overall, it was a particularly unmemorable day. :)

The good news is that the teacher reported her behavior was good all day. I personally doubt she behaved any differently than she did in kindergarten. The difference is the teacher. First grade is looking promising. :)

So after our very uninformative first day of school conversation, she decided that she wanted to play Webkinz.

You know, the most unreliable website ever created?

I hate Webkinz. I have to admit, I went through a stage when I first got mine where I was addicted. But once you earn enough money to buy everything interesting, the appeal quickly wears off. I mean, what more does a bunny need than her very own log cabin? :)

Now, I don't REALLY hate Webkinz. It's still a great concept. But right now, I hate it. Because while it works fine when you go in and play on your own, it stinks when it comes to playing with other people. Since the only reason I bought a Webkinz in the first place was so that I could play with Little Girl despite being three hours away, which was a really cool idea, the fact that it constantly logs us off or kicks us out of each other's rooms or freezes up on the games or won't let us both on the same color phone DRIVES ME INSANE.

So after a frustrating 45 minutes of doing nothing on Webkinz but logging in and out and inviting and getting kicked off, it was finally her bedtime and I was granted a reprieve from further struggles in the Webkinz World at least for tonight.

You'd really think a company of that size could maintain a functional website. But we've been doing it since Christmas and it is ALWAYS like this.

I think kids should unite and ban Webkinz until they offer a site that actually works. Adults would never continue to buy a product with such lousy service for themselves. I don't know why kids put up with it.

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