Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome to My Day

A little girl, not quite two years old. Beautiful child, dark curls framing her pixie-like face with wide innocent blue eyes staring hungrily at you. A tiny child, so slight the wind would blow her away.

In her freezer, there is nothing.

In her refrigerator, there is nothing.

In her cabinets, there is a half bag of flour, some salt, and some pepper.

That's it. Nothing else in the house.

Mom has no money. No more food stamps coming for two weeks.

Why does this child have no food? Why are the food stamps already gone?

Because Mom's two boyfriends -- yes, that's two -- come in and eat every morsel of food that Mom buys. They eat everything that Grandma buys or brings over.

And the little girl? She goes hungry.

There's a baby too. Three months old. She lays in a filthy bouncy seat wrapped in an old t-shirt day in and day out. Bugs crawl all over her.

It is taking every ounce of willpower I have not to get in the car and go pick up those babies and bring them home with me.

Yes, CPS is involved. Yes, they've been notified of the no-food situation.

I only hope they actually do something about it this time.

How I want those little girls.


Heidi said...

I wish it was as simple as taking them home with you. So, so sad. :(

Prairie Rose said...

Yeah. Especially since the result was: As long as they have staple items in the home they aren't in violation of anything so nothing we can do.

Staple items. Flour, salt, and pepper. That's good enough.

Come here, little girl. I'll make you some flour water for dinner. Don't worry, we'll put pepper on it for flavor.


Christine said...

Oh my goodness. I can just feel the pain in your words. I feel so terribly sorry for those babies and they are in my prayers.

A Dusty Frame said...

Putting the men before the children is sad.