Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Webkinz Letter

Dear Webkinz World,

Your target audience is children. Children do not understand when things do not work properly. Your site never works properly. NEVER.

You do not respond to customer complaints. Do you not care that you cause children heartbreak on a daily basis?

This is no way to do business.

Frustrated Aunt

This was precipitated by tonight's phone call from Little Girl, the proud owner of so many Webkinz now I've lost track. (Okay, it's only 5 or 6 which is nothing compared to some people... compared to some ADULTS, in fact!!... but it still seems excessive to me...)

LG: "Hi, do you want to come see my new Webkinz?"

Me: "Sure, give me a minute to log on... what color is your phone?"

LG: "Blue."

Me: logging on, hoping against hope that we can both actually get on the blue phone, and both actually stay connected to the blue phone without getting dumped or freezing up, or our Webkinz doing some freaky thing like getting stuck outside the walls of the room... because this is typically what happens when Little Girl wants to play Webkinz with me, and it makes her cry, and I therefore have come to dread the "do you want to play webkinz?" phone calls simply because I know it frequently ends in frustration.

However, this time it logged right onto the blue phone beautifully, and Little Girl giggled as our computers simultaneously made the sound that shows a friend is online.

But guess what? The "invite" button wouldn't light up. So I had no way to get into her Webkinz room to see her new Webkinz. After several attempts, we determined that it most definitely was not going to happen, and a tearstorm erupted.

Me: "Oh, it's okay, don't cry, Baby, listen, I'm coming in tomorrow night to see you in the Christmas play and after the play we can get on your computer and you can show me everything you want to show me in person."

LG: "But I wanted to show you TONIGHT!!!" More tears.

Thanks, Webkinz. Thanks so much.

Anything can mess up once in awhile. But you consistently bring children to tears.

Kids deserve better.

There's my rant for the evening. Good night, all. :)

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