Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Sunday Morning Thoughts

I want to go to Malone.

Last Sunday in the old house. Next Sunday, new house. Yay.

I want to go to Mansfield.

But I really want to go to Malone.

Lots of lasts. Last time grocery shopping here. Last time at this church. Last trash day. Last laundry here. Last pot roast made. Last... last... last...

Next week will be full of firsts. :)

Some people don't want to go to Malone. Some people think it's too cold right now to go to Malone. What do they want?? California?? Florida??

I want to go to Malone. Tomorrow would be good. Today would be better.

So much to do. Packing. Throwing away. A Goodwill run. Where oh where does all this STUFF come from?

Call all the utilities. Here and there. Decisions to make. Cable or DSL? Furniture to buy. Appliances too. More decisions.

Heap Big Snow. In My Driveway. Procrastinating on the shoveling. Why bother? It's still snowing anyway. :)

I want to go to Malone.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of: Random thoughts that go through Prairie Rose's head in the span of one minute.


jonni said...

heck yeah I want to go to Florida...although 75 degrees and sunny in California today ain't bad. ;-)

I want to go to DeSmet.

Prairie Rose said...

Oh, sure, I see how it is. It's too cold to go to Malone.

But De Smet! It's ever so much warmer.

Perhaps you missed the line in Happy Golden Years that read: "...Pa said that the temperature was near twenty below zero. The cold snap was over."

Christine said...

I want to go to Malone too. We actually vacation each summer about 3 hours away from there (I just checked it the other night!) So I'm thinking this summer we ARE making it to Malone. My girl who is 4 now will finally "get" it a little.

Hey-Speaking of little ones, have little girl and baby boy read the little house picture books? (Need I ask?!?!) The illustrations look like the Garth Williams ones and the stories are straight from the books-Normally I'm not fond of Little House splinter projects but those are really well done.

Prairie Rose said...

Christine... you should definitely take her. :) Read Farmer Boy to her before you go!

Little Girl has been "reading" the Little House picture books since she was about 3 months old, lol. Baby Boy hasn't yet but once I get moved in, he will!

Rachel said...

I'd like a chance to go to Malone again someday. The first time you go somewhere is special, but you are just so busy trying to see it all that you miss a bunch.

I can't wait for trip #3 this summer to DS & WG!!

Christine said...

Prairie-Hows the new house? Just checking in to see if you are all settled in!

Prairie Rose said...

I am! A post is coming but I've been too busy to have time to write it yet, lol!