Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things I'll Miss...

Although I'm very excited about moving, and very eager to get there, I can't say there aren't some sad moments about it too. After all, I've been living here several years. I've put down a few roots. And I like it here. It's not as if I'm running away from something I didn't like; it's that I'm running toward something I like a little more... but that doesn't mean I won't miss what I'm leaving behind.

I'll miss the people. The people I work with. (Those phone calls have been so hard to make, and I haven't made some of the hardest ones yet because I've been putting it off as I know they'll be difficult goodbyes...) The people I go to church with... And I'll miss the kids. Some of them I'm keeping for awhile -- that actually worked out well, I got to pick and choose which kids to let go and which ones I'm going to keep to make ends meet until I get new clients at the new place, so I got to keep my favorite families. ;) But it's only short-term. The goodbyes are coming.

But most of all, I'll miss the friends that I've made up here. One is moving soon anyway, so that makes it a little easier -- I know she wouldn't have been here anyway so the goodbye had to come. But the others -- well, thank goodness for technology -- as one of them said when I told her, "You don't really have to say goodbye to anybody anymore, unless you want to -- we have email and phones, and it's not too far to visit once in awhile." It's true -- you really don't have to say goodbye to anyone anymore. It's not like pioneer days where you moved away and said goodbye knowing good and well you would probably never see that person again until you met in heaven. No, it's not the same as, "Hey, you want to stop by this evening?" but it will do.

I'll miss the house too. I really like my house here. It's one reason I've wondered why it took so long to sell -- because it truly is a beautiful house. Everyone who came through said so... but they couldn't afford it, couldn't get the loan, couldn't handle the steep yard, there was always something. I guess God needed me here until now for some reason.

I'll miss the deer. :) I just sat by my bay window watching them in my front yard. We've always had deer run through the back yard, but this year for some reason they seem to have really proliferated and they're just everywhere! I can't tell you how many times I've wandered into the living room, only to jump a mile because a DEER was staring at me through the window and I totally was not expecting it. :) I was walking by a little bit ago and saw one, went to look, and lo and behold, there were 8 deer wandering around in my front yard. I don't think that will happen at the new place, so I'll miss that.

Sometimes I wish I could just cut out the 2.5 hrs between here and there, and move everything I like about here, THERE. Or everything I like about there, HERE. But that can't happen. So I choose to give up all of this, for that.

Because "that" is family. And when it comes down to it, that's the best thing of all.

(Especially when family includes Little Girl and Baby Boy. :) :) :) And it does.)

So goodbye, old home. I sell you tomorrow. And hello, new home. I can't wait to see what you've got in store for me.

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