Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!!!!

Baby Boy is two years old!! Happy birthday!!

He got a huge birthday present -- a new house! Yes, Mommy and Daddy just closed on their new house Friday and were brave enough to have a party there today. No furniture. No remodeling done. Just, as is. I wouldn't have done it myself. But I guess they figured everyone was going to want to see the new house anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone.

We didn't care what the house looked like, we were just rejoicing that the new house is here, and not in Florida. :)

It was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, and Baby Boy was very excited at everything he saw with Mickey on it -- especially the cake!! Daddy grilled in the back yard and all the family came, and a few friends. It's been a pretty comfortable summer, very few days even getting in the 90s this year, very unusual. Today, of course, for this outdoor party, it was 96. So after suffering in the heat for awhile, we all finally headed in and did the gift opening and cake inside.

Baby Boy got a ton of loot, of course. At Little Girl's birthday party in July, there was a little rollercoaster ride that he just loved. Well, Grandpa bought him his very own. Yes, you heard me, Baby Boy got a rollercoaster for his birthday! The child lacks for nothing. :)

Little Girl got a little present too. She had seen the presents in my car, and I had wrapped hers in pink princess paper so it wouldn't get lost among Baby Boy's gifts. Upon spying the gifts, she said, "Oooooh, Baby Boy's presents!" Then she spied the little one, and her face really lit up then, as she says, "Is this one MINE?"

I asked why on earth she thought it would be hers -- it was Baby Boy's birthday! "It's in PRINCESS paper," she accuses.

"Well, Baby Boy is a prince..." My argument fell flat. She was certain it was hers. I finally had to say that I ran out of the blue wrapping paper and that was all I had left. She was skeptical, but she bought it.

I wouldn't have minded telling her it was hers, except that while she has no difficulty whatsoever understanding that a gift belongs to someone else (i.e., it was Baby Boy's birthday, so he was getting presents and she wasn't), if she knows something is for her, she wants it NOW. And will throw a FIT if she is told no. It was a battle I wasn't willing to fight. I'd rather lie. Sorry, but my rule is avoid tantrum-causing situations whenever possible!

So at the party, she was very excited when I gave it to her and told her it was hers, after all. She was even more excited when she opened it and found a little black kitty from the Loftus Store in De Smet, South Dakota. When we were there last year, she begged for one of these black cats -- they aren't plush, they are hard, with fur on them. We didn't think she'd play with it at all, because it wasn't cuddly, and tried to get her to choose something we thought she'd enjoy more, but she insisted it was one of those cats that she wanted, so we got her one, and boy, was it ever a good choice. She LOVES this cat. She named it Black Susan, of course. She has played with it more than probably any other toy she owns for the past year. So this year, I bought a "baby" for her cat. Only she says it isn't Black Susan's baby -- it's Black Susan herself, when she was a baby. So now she has a Baby Black Susan and a Big Black Susan. :)

Whether or not she will feel the need to put two cat-holes in her bedroom door -- a big cat-hole for the big cat, and a little cat-hole for the little cat -- remains to be seen. :)

More Little Girl stories from the weekend still to come later, but I wanted to post Baby Boy's Happy Birthday on the right day! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday! (I might have to change his name to Little Boy if he doesn't stop growing up so fast!)

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Haily said...

Happy Birthday to you... well, you have remind me of my birthday. Got lot of gifts on my last birthday.