Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!

59 years ago, Laura Ingalls Wilder celebrated her first Thanksgiving since her girlhood without Almanzo. He had died a month earlier. What a sad day it must have been for her, although knowing her, she was simply giving thanks for the many years they shared together.

I love this news clipping from the local paper, the Mansfield Mirror:

December 1, 1949

Mrs. L.C. Turner enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at the beautiful country home of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Brown and Tarry Lee. In the afternoon they all called on Mrs. A.J. Wilder with gifts showing her she was remembered. So did Mrs. George Freeman and Mrs. Walter Coday.

Bless them for remembering her. For not letting her spend the whole day alone and sad. For letting her know they cared.

Can you think of anyone you know who might be spending a lonely or sad Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps they've lost a loved one... have gone through a divorce... have a spouse overseas...

How about dropping in or giving them a call to give them a bit of Thanksgiving cheer... just to let them know that they were remembered. :)

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