Friday, November 28, 2008

They're Out to Make Liars of You

Toddlers. There's just something about them. I find this to be true all the time of the toddlers I work with. If a parent says they can't do something, give them about five seconds and they'll do it. If a parent tells you they always do such and such, you can try all you like but the child absolutely is not going to perform. It's as if there's something innate to the toddler brain that makes them bound and determined to prove you wrong.

Baby Boy definitely fits the bill. He was 15 months old and not yet walking. Know when he took his first steps? When a therapist was evaluating him for the early intervention program in his state, and asked his mother if he could walk yet, and she replied no. Five second rule. He let go of the table he had been holding onto as he stood, and took two or three steps, obviously with intent of making his mother out to be a liar. :)

Well, Baby Boy made a liar out of me yesterday. I recently posted about his camera aversion. That he hates getting pictures or video made of him, that he runs when he sees a camera, refuses to look at them, etc.

Well last night, we were at my grandmother's house, and Baby Boy went and found his favorite John Denver CD as he always does there, and made us put "Country Roads" on repeat for him so he could dance around the room. I snapped some pictures while he danced, and then set the camera down. A couple minutes later, he walked over and picked up my camera. I thought he wanted to play with it, but no... he handed it to me and grinned, then returned to his dancing. (He can say words, but still does most of his communicating nonverbally. And he's quite good at it.)

So we understood exactly what he was telling me. "I'm being really cute here! Take more pictures!"

So I lied. Apparently the child doesn't have a camera aversion, after all.

He just pretends he does. :)

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TransitionGirl said...

Too cute!!! With the camera! hahaha.