Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crazy Days, Crazy Nights

These days, I'm either so busy I can't see straight or so bored I can't keep my eyes open. :)

I'm still driving back to my old town every week to work for two days, spending the night. I've crammed a lot of kids into that two days, so on those days, I get up very early, drive the almost three hours there, work all day, kid after kid after kid without stopping, get to the hotel very very late at night, and get up in the morning, do it all over again, and drive the 3 hrs home that night. Exhausting.

And then I have the weekend off. Saturday anyway. Sunday is always nicely busy with church and family.

Every other Monday (well usually it's Monday) I then drive waaaaay out in the boonies. Why? Because I'm a pushover, I guess. And desperate. I was begged to go to this very rural area because no other speech therapist will. I agreed if they could give me a day's worth of kids to make the drive worth it, I'd go. After all, I need to get kids here so I can eventually stop driving back to the old town. They found me eight kids, and wow, is that ever a full day. Counting the driving time, it's a 15 hour day with no break. I mean none. That means no breakfast, lunch, or dinner, till I get home at 11 pm.

See what I mean about crazy? And then I have Tuesday and Wednesday completely off to sit around the house and twiddle my thumbs until Thursday comes around again and it's back up to the old town again.

I really don't twiddle my thumbs. I stay very busy on my days off too, but it's a different kind of busy-ness. It's a sit-down kind of busy. It's "write a chapter of this book", now "email back these people who wrote you while you were working on the book", now "contact these people about this project you're working on", now "goof off a little online", now "research this information and put it together in a document", now "time to email people back again", then it's "write up an article for this project", etc. I find myself sitting at the computer from morning till night, always with more more more to do.

I guess I'm making up for the three days a week I'm so busy seeing kids that I don't come anywhere near a computer all day. :)

I like my crazy life, somewhat. I like it when days are so busy that they really fly by because it's just kid after kid after kid and before I know it it's night. And I like the prospect the night before of a long day stretching before me with nothing I have to get up and do at any specific time. All on my own schedule, and relaxing in my own home.

But at the same time, I'd like things to level out, and be more "normal" again. A five day work week, where I leave at a reasonable time and get home at a reasonable time. And where I don't have to make loooong drives every week. And where I don't have to stay in a hotel.

Or maybe not. After all, what is normal? Are things ever normal? They never seem to be. It seems there's always some crazy thing going on, and when it comes to an end, some other crazy thing replaces it.

Life is just a little crazy, I guess. And that's okay. Because if it ever weren't crazy, I probably couldn't stand the boredom.

Good night, all. I'll probably be back tomorrow. After all, it's another long day stretching before me to waste on the computer. ;)

Oh, and for those who asked me what on earth those Gaelic phrases meant, I have one question for you... haven't you ever heard of google? :)

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