Monday, March 2, 2009

When Worlds Collide

I never realized until recently that I exist in different worlds, but I do. And lately, all my worlds have collided, and it's rather a strange feeling.

For example, last week I attended a conference. At the conference were my coworkers from my old home... my coworkers from my new home... my coworkers from the home previous to that... and two girls from church. Four worlds colliding. It was somewhat disconcerting... and who do you hang out with? Well, that decision was easy. I tried to keep to myself as much as possible because I had raging RSV at the time and didn't want to infect anyone else... not to mention the fact that I felt so miserable I could barely carry on a meaningful conversation anyway. :)

I guess this next example isn't really a collision... but it's a strange feeling anyway. I feel like I belong in two worlds, but don't fully belong in either. It started the weekend I moved. I moved on Saturday. I settled in all week. And then on Thursday I drove back to my old home, did the same job I'd been doing all along up there, saw the same families I've been seeing, visited with friends up there, etc. The only thing different was that I'm staying at a hotel instead of at my house... but other than that, when I return to the old place each week, it's like I never left.

But then I come back to the new place, and make that mental readjustment week after week -- no... I live here now.

I supposed it will be strange like this until I'm finished working up there. In a way it's worked out great; I haven't had to say any final goodbyes yet, or break loose the old ties. With all this dual living, it will really be strange the last time I go, knowing I'm not coming back, though.

But the biggest case of colliding worlds is occurring on Facebook. I've become addicted to it, I think. But it truly is a collision of ALL the worlds I've ever lived in. There's my Laura-Ingalls-Wilder world and my Anne-of-Green-Gables world. There are friends from church at home, and friends from church here. There are friends from work at home, and friends from work here. There are folks I went to elementary school with, as well as jr high classmates, and high school classmates. Most of my family has meandered on over by now, and then there are my internet friends and my real-life friends. All my worlds -- all in one place, mixing and meshing.

It can be disconcerting on occasion. But for the most part, I've found I really like it. It's been a great way for other people to get to know the sides of me they previously never saw, and see me as a whole person instead of just a coworker, or just a cousin, or just a speech therapist, or just an LIW fan. And it's a way for me to find out more about them too.

So while I know I railed against Facebook in the beginning, I've truly converted. I think it's awesome.

Colliding worlds... has a scary ring to it, but it's a pretty cool thing after all. :)

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