Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Visit

My favorite lines of the weekend:

My grandmother, after looking through an album of pictures from the Disney trip my sister and I took Little Girl on this winter:

"Why, you two look enough alike to be sisters!"

That's good, Mammaw. We ARE sisters...


And Little Girl, upon walking past the gravestone my mother put out in the garden for our cat who died a couple years ago:

"Why did Socks die?" Someone answered her that she got very old, and dying is just something that happens when you get old. "Do people die when they get old too?" she queried, and was told that yes, they do.

Little Girl then pointed to Mammaw, who is 84 years old, and said, "All except HER -- she's doing a good job!"


My mother to Little Girl, concerning Baby Boy: "Oh, don't hurt his little legs!"

They were play-wrestling on the floor, and Baby Boy had Little Girl in a headlock with his legs and was kicking her face to death. Don't hurt his little legs, indeed.


My other favorite lines were:
"Little Girl!" (her real name, of course)

Baby Boy is finally adding WORDS to his vast vocabulary of signs for his most favorite things. Hooray!

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Kate said...

LOL about Mammaw doing a good job of not dying! Too funny!