Sunday, May 4, 2008

Train Up a Child in the Way (S)he Should Go...

...and Little Girl is well-trained, I must say. :)

Her sixth birthday is approaching, and my sister was discussing with her what kind of birthday party she would like to have this year. A swimming party, perhaps, or a skating party, a gymnastics party, or a bowling party...

Little Girl, without hesitation, responded, "I want to go to South Dakota for my birthday."

(Background: My mother and I took her to the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites last summer, trip report posted here.)

My sister said, "But don't you want the whole family to come to your birthday party?"

Little Girl replied, "Yes, I want the whole family to go to South Dakota and have my birthday party there."

Seeing as how we are a VERY LONG WAY from South Dakota, my sister then questioned, "But how would the whole family get to South Dakota?"

Matter-of-factly, Little Girl answered, "On an airplane."

Because the cost of airline tickets for the entire family is of no concern when one is five years old. :)

Regardless, I am thrilled to see that she has her priorities in life straight. Of course she should go to South Dakota for her birthday; what better place than the Ingalls Homestead to spend one's special day? (And now I feel guilty, because I am going to South Dakota this summer and had no plans to take her with me...)

But can you see why I love this kid!? :)

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Ann said...

Bringing South Dakota to Little Girl. . .
I've read your posts on SD and Ingalls Homestead before and it is nice to hear that Little Girl had such a wonderful time when she visited last summer.
I am the manager of the Ingalls Homestead and would like to discuss brining a bit of South Dakota to her for her birthday. If you're interested, please contact me at If not, we wish her the happiest 6th birthday she could possibly have.